Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Abstract with Red

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Size: 36"h x 24"w

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sandra corey said...

A reader asked:" When I framed my large pictures I used strips of wood, but unless they have a lip or edge the only way I could get the frame to attach to the canvas edges was to glue it. Any ideas?"

I called a local artist's supply store and posed that question. The lady I spoke with said she thought most artists use tiny finishing nails. Sure enough, when I looked closely at the one painting I have that is framed with lath, that is the way it was done.

Glue would work but may be difficult to remove if someone wanted to change the frame later. FYI, in the DIY Framing link with my May 25 blog, one artist describes the solution her husband came up with for her. But I think the nails sound the easiest.