Thursday, May 3, 2007

Cup of Tea- SOLD

Size - 7"w x 5"h
SOLD - Click title to enlarge.

This is the second of 2 paintings being posted this Thursday.

A few of my closest friends live in other cities. But between visits, we still enjoy having tea together while visiting over the phone. A recent telephone conversation over tea with a dear friend who lives up the coast with her wonderful family, inspired this painting.

As you can see, this still life is the non-abstract piece of the two being posted. A friend emailed me this morning and said I should change the name of my blog because abstract art is non objective and I am including objective art. In an earlier post, I asked readers to look at a link I shared that labeled art styles by movement and to suggest a new title for my blog based on that information. But perhaps it would be better if I re-title it with a name that encompasses all forms of art. What do you think? What if I simply call it "interpretive"? Try leaving a comment about it on the blog.

The useful link for this week is included in the other posting for this week, Out of Egypt.


Abstract Canvas Art said...

I agree that "interpretive" would be a fitting term indeed.

sandra corey said...

Thank you for visiting and for leaving your thoughts on a new title for the blog!