Thursday, May 10, 2007

Ice Plant

Size: 7" h x 5"w.
Click image to enlarge. Click title to purchase at Yessy Gallery

Painting #2 Reach

I noticed a small patch of ice plant on my walk. This is such a common plant in my neighborhood I had not paid much attention to it. But this day I was struck by its humble beauty. It seemed not to notice that it was common and reached its arms to the sky as though in an attitude of worship, thankful for another day to enjoy being ice plant.

The useful link for this week: Watch short clips of artists Duane Keiser and Hall Groat painting recent works in this YouTube link. Click on a painting. This will start a video clip. Each lasts about 4-5 minutes. If you are learning to paint, it is helpful to see how these artists work. If you simply enjoy art, they are still inspiring and fun to watch.

In support of local artists: I love to see the various venues artists use to express their creative talent and making a living with their art. At Never Settle Designs artistic talent is applied to the walls of homes. It's another way to add art to your home!

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