Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mother's Day Tomato

Size: 7"w x 5"h.
Not for sale. Click to enlarge

This Thursday I am posting 2 paintings again. Be sure to scroll down to the second post to see the other painting and this week's useful links. And once again they are not abstracts! Perhaps I can argue that although they are not abstract on the outside, they are on the inside? I am still awaiting reader recommendations for a new blog title that describes more than abstract art. One reader agreed with my idea of "interpretive" art. What do you think?

My mom loves tomatoes. She grows them in pots in her patio garden. But since she can eat them only sparingly, due to an apparent allergy to them, she mostly grows them for me. I love tomatoes too! In honor of my wonderful mom and her love of tomatoes, I painted this little painting for her kitchen. Happy Mother's Day Mom!

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