Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Useful links: Matt Sesow, Sussessful Untrained Artist

I was thinking today about how possible it really is for an untrained artist to become recognized and accepted by galleries. Researching on the internet, I came across artist Matt Sesow who did just that. He has been shown in galleries, been featured in numerous magazines and paints and sells prolifically. I just wrote to him to ask how he managed all that. If he responds, I will share what he says. In the interim, I do know this much: In 1995 Sesow sold 14 paintings in one afternoon on the streets of Georgetown (It would be interesting to know how he decided to price them and what size they were); the first time paintings by Sesow had ever even been seen in public. He also signed a five year contract to be represented exclusively by an art agent who bought some of his paintings that day. He has been painting full-time since 2000, and represents his own work now. His work is very raw and direct. What do you think of his work? Click Matt Sesow and take a look.

If you are an aspiring and untrained artist, I hope it encourages you as much as it did me.

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sandra corey said...

In Post #27, I wrote about Matt Sesow. Here is an excerpt from his answer to my email with questions about how he got where he is today:

"I recently got shafted over $5K from two gallery shows, so I am a bit bitter about it. That aside, I’ll try to be better with my answers to your questions.

I guess I became known by painting non-stop for the last 14 years and not letting up on the output. I try to discourage people from selling on ebay, but I think for some it might be ok. I think the best way to get known is to create original work and do work that is different. I’ve seen some early artists try to copy my style, but I think what happens is they get tired of trying to reproduce a look and feel that may not be their own. Best thing to do is to find your own voice and pursue it.

It’s very hard work living full time off the art. I miss the corporate world sometimes.

Good luck with your work and do it as long as it is fun.