Monday, September 24, 2007

Useful Link - Digital Painting

What is Digital Art?

Wikipedia defines as Digital Art as art created on a computer in digital form. Digital art can be purely computer-generated, such as fractals, or taken from another source, such as a scanned photograph, or an image drawn using vector graphics software using a mouse or graphics tablet."

This week's post is a digital piece I drew and painted in Photoshop Elements some time ago,(Scroll up to post #48) which was drawn and painted entirely on the computer. I don't have a drawing tablet so the drawing was done with a mouse. This is a bit clumsy, but sometimes such a hindrance or limitation adds an element of unexpected character. Digital art seems to already have a following. Although many digital artists use photographic images which they manipulate into something new, it is also possible to draw and paint "from scratch" right into the computer.

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