Monday, October 8, 2007

Useful Link-Edvard Munch

It is interesting to follow the evolution of style and focus in artists with a long enough career to do so. Edvard Munch said "If I do not know what to paint, I paint landscape. " (Maybe I should try that) Probably when most of us think of of Edvard Munch, we think of his painting The Scream and similarly styled pieces full of conflict and drama. But he also later painted peaceful and lyrical landscapes, such as the one in this link of Moonlight, painted in 1895, after moving back to Norway following a nervous breakdown. His work shows a marked difference in emotion in these later works. The pieces are still lively, but we no longer see the anguish. Edvard Munch is classified by Artcyclopedia as a Symbolist/Expressionist painter. He was Norwegian and lived from 1863-1944.

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