Thursday, May 3, 2007

Out of Egypt I Called My Son - SOLD

Size: 30"h x 40"w x 1.5"d.
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This week I am posting 2 paintings: This abstract piece (the title of this blog is, after all Weekly ABSTRACT Art) and an impressionist piece, (if that is even the correct term). In spite of my love of abstract art, I find myself drawn to a bit of realism lately. Not totally realistic, but impressions of realistic forms that focus on the spirit of the object. The abstract piece sold before I had a chance to post it to the blog, but it appears here as part of the diary. Cup of Tea, the impressionist painting listed below in the second of this week's two blogs, is on auction at eBay.

I am very excited to share this week's useful link. Whether you have plans to travel or to enjoy more of your own city, this link is to a wonderful online resource called ARTCYCLOPEDIA
that lists art museums worldwide. Search the guide by artist, continent, museum, title of work or art movement and the guide will take you there. Click on any one and see what is currently showing in your city or any in the world. Take a brief online tour of the museum and then make plans to visit and see wonderful art!

Cup of Tea- SOLD

Size - 7"w x 5"h
SOLD - Click title to enlarge.

This is the second of 2 paintings being posted this Thursday.

A few of my closest friends live in other cities. But between visits, we still enjoy having tea together while visiting over the phone. A recent telephone conversation over tea with a dear friend who lives up the coast with her wonderful family, inspired this painting.

As you can see, this still life is the non-abstract piece of the two being posted. A friend emailed me this morning and said I should change the name of my blog because abstract art is non objective and I am including objective art. In an earlier post, I asked readers to look at a link I shared that labeled art styles by movement and to suggest a new title for my blog based on that information. But perhaps it would be better if I re-title it with a name that encompasses all forms of art. What do you think? What if I simply call it "interpretive"? Try leaving a comment about it on the blog.

The useful link for this week is included in the other posting for this week, Out of Egypt.