Friday, May 25, 2007


No, it is not Thursday again. But I am posting to my blog. As I read more about how blogging works and what makes it effective, I find it is important to make at lease 2-3 posts per week and to update the tags accordingly in Technorati. So, since I have some useful links to share, I will add those as the update.

The first link is to an article about the importance of blogging and where I read about the above-referenced information. If you have something to say concerning your life or your business, it seems blogging about it can help a great deal to make you or your product known. Blogging increases traffic. This article is from StartupNation, an information site for entrepreneurs.

If you are an artist, painting on larger, 1.5" thick, pre-stretched, gallery-wrapped canvases, you have noticed how costly they are. Most artists selling in this size category on eBay do not frame these pieces, considering that the painted sides are sufficient and the thickness provides enough presence for their art. But here is another idea that was spawned by an artist-friend in New Mexico. She feels that they need the frames and was looking for simple frame called a butt-strip frame or lath frame. I could not locate pre-cut strips, but I think the lath materials can be purchased at DIY centers. The strips should be about 3/8" thick and as wide as you would like your art to appear to be deep. I got to thinking that if these are simple to make one could purchase less expensive 3/4" thick canvases that are stapled rather than gallery-wrapped and give them the dimension they need with the lath. The result would be a professional-looking piece for a fraction of the cost. I am going to try this out and will post the out come. In this link about DIY framing you can read a bit more.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thinking in Pencil - SOLD

Click Image to Enlarge. Bidding has ended.
Size: 8"w x 6"h

This week's useful link is to ArtDaily, The First Art Newspaper on the Net. Includes museums, exhibits and artists. This is an inspiring and informative site. If you are an artist I think you will enjoy this site!

Planning to paint an abstract for next week. See you then!