Thursday, August 16, 2007

Urban - Not available

Click Image to enlarge. Sorry, bidding has ended. This piece is no longer available.
Size: 30"h x 40"w x 1.5"d.

Some of the measures I have recently undertaken to drive traffic to my eBay listings seem to be working. If you are starting out as an artist on eBay, or know someone who is or would like to, perhaps these steps will help.
1. Set up an art blog (weblog) and post to it regularly, at least 2 times/week. I use, which is free, but there are others. Choose useful, pertinent keywords, including your name and, or eBay ID.
2. Include your name and or eBay ID in your eBay listing title and descriptions.
3. If you are not a trained artist, you may use the term "Outsider" artist in the listing title and description. This is a smaller category on eBay which means your listing is more likely to be seen.
4. Post your art on Yessy receives numerous hits and your new listed pieces and site will show up on search engines giving you more exposure. On each new listing, I add my name, eBay ID and blog address. Yessy gets viewers from around the world. Some will click to the blog and some of those to the eBay listings. Adding my name to everything was another helpful suggestion of popular artist Justin Clayton, whose eBay listings each get more than one hundred views.
5. On your blog, include links to Yessy (or similar type of host), and to eBay.
6. Never put an outside link on your eBay listing. This is against policy and stands to terminate your listing and more.

To see how effective these steps can be, just for fun, type "S.Corey-art", or "artist Sandra Corey" into the Google search bar. This is one way of becoming more known, which leads to more sales.

For more on our continuing discussion on Minimalism, scroll down to post #35. Would love your comments on the topic!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Useful Link - More about Minimalism

Some interesting responses have been sent in about the minimalism topic which began a few posts ago. To read them, go to the comments section of this post. (This discussion has now lead to the topic of Conceptualist Art, which I will be exploring in upcoming posts.)

If we can classify some of Mark Rothko's work, who is condsidered and Abstract Expressionst painter, as Minimalism, do you judge his work to be compelling? Focus especially on the works that consist mostly of a few blocks of color. What about Frank Stella, who is considered the originator of minimalism? Here are a link to Artcyclopedia where you will see a description of Minimalsim and examples of Minimalist paintings. And a link, to Mark Rothko paintings.

Once again, are they too minimal or do they succeed?

Mark Rothko