Thursday, September 13, 2007

September 11-Remembering - Not available

Click image to enlarge. Bidding has ended.
Size: 36" x 36" x 1.5"

In response to a note from artist Steven Givler yesterday, (featured in blog post 29) in which he hoped I had overcome my creative block in time for today's blog, I replied: "The a complete departure. What a struggle this one was. It seemed to have an idea of its own and was not about to let me impose. Ironically, or not, I painted it on Sept. 11 and the memory of September 11 is what it is about to me. That was entirely unplanned. The painting is so raw and unlike what I normally paint. I think I like it, [It is so different though, that I am not sure] but I am not sure anyone else will. That's the scary part of posting on a public blog and auctions. It makes one feel so vulnerable."

The exercises I chose to use to work through the creative block were to paint anyway and to make a sketch of my idea and work from that. The painting barely resembles the sketch and I don't know whether I am passed the creative block. What I learned: Sometimes I need to let something happen; something that seems contrary to my style; something that may not sell; something that goes in an entirely different direction, whether or not it works out.

Also, beginning September 11, Artist Justin Clayton began painting his way down the coast of California. You can travel with him painting by painting on his blog at

Scroll down to the previous post to read about creative block and ways to overcome it.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Useful link: overcoming creative blocks

The painting I was working on for this week's post turned out to be a big (36" x 36" x 1.5") disappointment. After carefully applying the under layers until they looked almost too good to paint over, I proceeded to paint an entirely unpresentable piece over them. So I painted over the canvas again to prepare it for another attempt. And found I had no ideas. No inspiration. Even the art of great masters is leaving me bored!

I tried making some sketches but don't know how they will translate into paintings. I cannot tell whether they work or are boring. Furthermore, now I have only a few days to produce something new for the Thursday blog! After searching online for suggestions on overcoming a creative block, I came across these ideas at that have worked for other artists to overcome a block. Click here to see what they did to usher in INSPIRATION

I guess we will know by Thursday whether these ideas help me! Let me know what has worked for you in the past.