Thursday, November 15, 2007

Home - Sold

Click image to enlarge. Bidding has ended.
Medium: Oils on Canvas.
Size:16" w x 12" h.

Last week I listed 11 paintings, in my continuing eBay listing experiment. Quite a few were little paintings listed at other times during the year that did not sell at the time. Of the 11, 8 sold and Bowl of Fruit (see previous post) will end Saturday.

Each was listed with a starting auction price of $.99. All but 2 were listed in the broad category of "self-representing artists" and using the keywords Folk, Outsider and or Pop art. The results? This is one example: The Red Bicycle, that did not sell last Spring at a starting price of $99.00 and then $49.00, was bid up from $.99 to $51.03. Is this due to timing?, the category?, the excitement generated by the low starting price and the race to win? It will take more experiments to know for sure. This time it had 110 views and 10 bids. It had only a fraction of the number of views in the earlier listings.

This week I am listing 2 new ones at $9.99. I want to see whether they have as many views, watchers and primarily, bidders and how this starting price effects the outcome. I will keep you "posted".