Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Bowl of Oranges - SOLD

Click image to enlarge. Sorry, bidding has ended.
Size: 14" h x 11" w.
Medium: Oils of Canvas Board.

Posting a bit early this week for Thanksgiving. Still painting these smaller Outsider, Folk Art pieces and experimenting with eBay listing strategies. Ready and waiting to post and list are: another fruit painting; an abstract at night, and a collage ukulele. The latter was inspired by a friend's invitation to hear Jake Shimabukuro. As it turned out, I was sick and could hear only the clips available on Youtube. I knew the Ukulele had become quite the rage. And friends up the coast are enthralled with their lessons and everyone is talking about Jake. My own fond feelings for this shy little instrument are attached to my father, who used to play it and we would sing to it together.

Happy Thanksgiving!