Thursday, February 28, 2008

Light SOLD

Click image to enlarge. Sorry, bidding has ended.
Size: 24" x 24 " x 1.5"
Medium: Oils on canvas

For those of you who are artists, our local Artist & Craftsman Supply store has begun offering the 1.5" deep, pre-stretched canvases in many of the larger sizes at quite reasonable prices. These are the best prices I have found on a daily basis. Aaron Brothers penny sales come along twice each year. Although the prices are not quite as low as penny sale prices, (basically 2 canvases for he price of one), they are good enough to keep me going between those sales and I feel less compelled to stock up, which is impractical in a small space. They are also constructed of lighter-weight wood, which makes them much easier to handle. For locations, click this link:
Artist & Craftsman Supply