Wednesday, September 10, 2008

No paintings today

No paintings today. Most of the past week was occupied with the daily and administrative aspects of selling my paintings; rephotographing past pieces and creating 10 new auction listings. It always takes time but sometimes it really takes time!

This was one of those times. This week I had camera problems (it died as I was shooting and was sent back to Canon and exchanged for another one which arrived with a memory card that would allow me only 3 photographs per shoot!) browser problems (eBay's recommended browser for auction listings, Mozilla, kept crashing during the listing process leaving me no choice but to start all over again, and again, and again, until my brain felt fried.

It also crashed in PayPal and UPS as I was scheduling the shipping and so, of course I had to start over again and again and again...and the rates were not matching up either. Oh, sigh....And, my special ergonomic back chair had to be returned too as it became increasingly uncomfortable.

And finally, I could not get my external DVD player to work with my computer. I had a travel DVD I wanted to watch at my computer to study for a painting. Spent lots of time troubleshooting but it still doesn't work.

This afternoon I finally laid down the background colors for a new, large abstract. Perhaps I will have it finished for next Thursday's art blog. And then again...