Thursday, September 18, 2008

In the Beginning SOLD

This week I learned something new to consider when shopping for pre-stretched canvases. Before purchasing, measure them with a right angle ruler.

The painting I just completed on a pre-stretched 30 x 40 canvas is 3/8" out of square. When I finished it I quite liked it. That's always nice, because there are also those times when I finish a piece and don't like it at all.

But once it was able to be transferred to a wall to dry (which is when I finally get enough distance to actually see what a painting really looks like), I noticed the problem. I tried to adjust the frame, handling it ever so carefully since it is still wet, but with no success.

In desperation I called Aaron Brothers, where I had purchased the pre-stretched canvas. They said to bring it in and they would surely be able to solve the problem somehow. I will have to wait a few weeks until it is dry enough to withstand that type of handling. So, for now, it is being posted but is not on auction.