Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Little Folk Art Bern SOLD

Click image to enlarge.
Size: 8" x 8" x 1.5"
Medium: Oils on canvas.

No, it isn't Thursday yet. This week's post is a bit early due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

In the mid 1960's I lived in Switzerland. Lately I have been remembering it fondly and missing it. Hence this little MiniScape of the beautiful city of Bern, its capital. Preparing for the painting I spent days pouring over images of the city. It almost felt as if I were there. (Oooo. I just listed it on eBay and I see it already has a "watcher". Let's hope it turns into a bidder!)

Today the blog is a bit long. But that is because I have some Some fun news to share with you:

* Remember the last blog and how I was embarrassed to post the painting for you to see? Well, it sold at auction with multiple bids! (I'm still embarrassed and I am still not going to show you!)

* And remember the painting posted October 15 entitled Little Folk Art Tubac? The one I entered in the National Call for Artists Little Treasures show? I learned that it was one of the eight chosen for their silent auction! I am so excited. I will keep you posted with the auction results.

* Lastly, Saturday evening I decided on the spur of the moment to attend the SDAI (San Diego Art Institute Museum of the Living Artist) annual Winter C note show. I had entered 8 paintings (the maximum) and wanted to see what these events were like (It was fun) and whether any of pieces had been chosen for the event. I felt like a spy as I anonymously wandered through the gallery watching and listening.

I came upon a group of four of my paintings and invisibly watched as people either looked at or passed by each painting. Soon there was a little group gathered around In the Beginning (posted to the blog September 18); the one Aaron Brothers framed for me because the canvas was out of square. I watched as the group discussed the painting. I looked at their faces and wondered what they were saying. And then, I had the distinct pleasure of watching one of them buy it, right on the spot. Once he was at the cashier's desk I introduced myself and thanked him. He plans to hang it in a contemporary second home he is building in the desert.

As a reminder, a few of you have mentioned you feel you have missed a blog or two. You have not actually missed any. It's that I only publish it every other week now. So, on this happy note, Happy Thanksgiving and I will see you again in two weeks!