Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Quick little update. Time has been going by in a blur and I actually didn't realize I was behind in my posts. SOO,

1. I finally finished my entry for the upcoming SDAI International Show, which I will post as soon as it is dry enough to photograph.

2. The couple who bought my painting "In the Beginning" at the last show, contacted me about a commission piece. They are interested in a very large piece for their new home. I had decided I would not accept anymore abstract commissions but they have sufficiently enticed me with this project and I agreed to meet with them after the first of the year. They seem to be such nice people so if nothing else, I will just be glad to spend a little time with them. They suggested I might like to see their art collection which would be a treat for me if it works out. Shipping prices on a large piece is prohibitive and working on a large piece in my small space and with some physical restrictions has added up to not painting on a large scale. But I hope we can get that all worked out. So Linda, if you still want a very large piece let me know. Maybe I can handle it after all.

Happy New Year!