Thursday, December 3, 2009

Apple Pie-SOLD

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Size: 5"x7"x.25"
Medium: Oils
Support: Canvas board
Dated: 12/1/09

I am still determined to use up existing canvases before buying any new ones. Some of the remaining stock is quite small. 5 x 7, 6 x 8 etc. Small still life paintings work well on these sizes. But of course I couldn't just paint a traditional slice of apple pie.

Saturday evening I stopped by the SDAI C-Note show. My 40x60 abstract, Eclipse, had already sold by the time I got downstairs. I was especially happy as I did NOT want try to get it back home. My friends Karen and Dennis paid me a surprise visit as I was about to leave. But their presence so renewed my tired feet and back that I stayed on a bit!


Lorraine said...

I really like your wedges of pies! I am a great pie baker and i won second place with my pumpkin pie in a contest! I am also a folk artist of sorts. I was trained in art in high school and a semester of college. But it's more fun to use my imagination for my 'cartoony" art. I find the fine arts boring.

sandra corey said...

Hi Lorraine! Thank you for your interesting comment. It's fun to hear from an actual pie-baker with a pumpkin pie award under her belt. I followed the link to your name in hopes of seeing your art posted. Is it somewhere where I can see it?