Thursday, February 19, 2009


The large pre-stretched canvas for my commission piece arrived Monday by special delivery via my client Jim and a very generous friend. Together they built the 40" x 60" x 1.5" canvas, which was too large for Jim's car. Therefore his friend not only was needed to help build the canvas, but was then pressed into service as a driver for it.

For the next few days I stared at it. It isn't unusual for me to procrastinate beginning a new painting. A blank canvas is powerful, with all its potential for success and failure. Finally yesterday (after being treated to a relaxing lunch on the water at Peohe's in Coronado by my friend Ron and after breathing the invigorating sea air) I jumped in and began laying down background colors and fell in love with working on my large canvas. Never mind that it occupies most of my tiny studio and I can barely get around it, I am having fun.

Lastly, on the 12th and 15th I queried by email some contemporary interior design studios regarding submitting art to them for their projects. One of them is coming this weekend to view several of interest. This would be an exciting avenue for selling and displaying art. I hope it works out. You will be the first to know!