Thursday, March 12, 2009

Borrego SOLD

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Oils on Canvas
40 x 60 x 1.5

At last. The giant abstract commission is finally finished. My client came to see it Monday and approved! Although the painting was still not dry enough for him to take home, and because he will need to hire a big-rig to move it (just kidding), he had to leave it with me for a bit longer. Nevertheless, being the thoughtful and considerate person he is, he left a payment of our agreed upon price and added a bonus to it. He felt bad that the painting had been so challenging.

In truth, although it was challenging and a bit stressful I am so happy to have been offered the opportunity and that I decided to accept it after all. I would like to be more open to accepting abstract commissions. It's a matter of finding the right approach. Perhaps I could accept abstract commissions as long as they are not customized. In other words, the client could choose the size but not the colors or style of the piece. As one artist-friend put it, in a commission piece, the client tends to want to "participate". And this seems to be a recipe for disaster with an abstract.