Thursday, March 26, 2009


Well, I did paint something for this week but I don't like it enough to post it. Nor is the piece I began next turning out very well. It is another 40 x 60. I found a lighter-weight version of this size, which solved one of the problems. It didn't solve the problems surrounding the larger dimensions though. So it didn't fit into my car, which of course I knew in advance. So it hung partly out of my trunk as I slowly made my way home along back-roads from Dick Blick Art.

Unfortunately, my excitement over painting another giant piece waned as the piece progressed. And once again I find myself in the unsettling place in the painting process of wondering whether the piece will be redeemable. I confess that I jumped ahead of the painting and imposed an idea onto it rather than waiting for the idea to emerge out of the first layer of paint, which usually works best for me with abstracts. The result is similar to a client's imposing ideas on the painting. It took until now for me to make that connection. To do it right involves waiting. I need to get much better at that.