Thursday, April 16, 2009

Update - And Elder Street Gallery Call to Artists

No painting to post today. Monday I decided to paint over Loft #9. I am letting the painting set the pace, which is much too slow for me! As someone once said to me: "I want patience and I want it now!" That sounds like something I would say.

It requires restraint on my part not to jump ahead of the painting and impose something on it. The alternative is I wait to hear its side of the conversation. Right now it seems to have paused to consider what it will say next. I am politely waiting. Maybe by next week I will have something to post.

Meanwhile I have also been working on a miniscape for the Call to Artists from the Elder Street Gallery, Houston. The painting may be no larger than 5" x 5". Strictly speaking, a miniature is defined as having:

"* A high standard of draughtsmanship and composition.
* Mastery of miniature technique in chosen media and palette.
* No subject larger than life, portrait head no larger than 2" (5cm). In a top quality miniature every single detail is itself miniaturised, leading the eye down and down, so that with high magnification you may see the immaculate fineness of the brush strokes."

I researched the term "miniatures" in paintings. They are usually delicate, intricate and detailed pieces one might expect to see on a large scale. But they are tiny. So before starting this project I contacted the gallery to make sure folk art abstracts would even qualify and sent in a sample of my miniscapes. They said it seemed like a good idea.