Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Update-Elder Street Gallery Miniatures Show MiniScape

Making slow progress on the MiniScape for Elder Street Gallery Miniatures Show, It's a Small World. Life is full of interruptions lately which makes painting slower than usual. On the other hand the frequent breaks are welcome. My stamina for the little scapes has diminished since the last one I painted. (December's Folk Art San Diego, I think?) I would have posted a photographic progress report but I don't have my camera back yet. Oh yes, and the repair was $100.00. I told them if it needs repairs again I am switching to Kodak!

I found a wonderful little brush for MiniScapes this week. It's a 20/0 which is quite fine and works well for these tiny details. Too bad I didn't see this brush when I first started painting MiniScapes.