Thursday, August 13, 2009

Paper Route

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Title: Paper Route
Size: 25 x 19 x 3/4 framed. Non-directional
Medium: Assorted papers I printed out on my inkjet printer, on newspaper with acrylic paint.
Date: 8/10/09

It's August. This means it has now been three years since I began painting and listing my art on eBay! Therefore, in honor of the occasion, today's collage/painting is linked to the eBay auction, rather than to the Yessy site.

I seem to be veering further into collage. This one is assorted papers I printed out on my inkjet printer and then pasted onto a collage of newspaper pieces making a sort of collage on collage. The black line circumscribing the colored pieces forms the "route". The title "Paper Route" refers both to the declining newspaper tradition as well as to the playful journey the painted line takes around the papers.