Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Artists Trading

Last week I mentioned the idea of an artist's trading blog. This week it's up and running and already has 14 artists following it. To take a peek, click on the Title link above.

In the news recently was an exciting article about one of my favorite artists, David Hockney who is now creating digital paintings! This has to lend credibility to the genre which pleases me no end, since I like working in the medium so much myself. Yesterday, Digital Cupcakes sold. That brings my digital painting sales up to three. The prices are still far lower than for an oil painting of the same picture. Ironically, the digital cupcakes took longer to paint than the canvas-painted version, Newlywed Cupcakes, perhaps because all the drawing is done with the mouse. The other two digital pieces are

Piano and Musician and
Digital Apples

The NY Times writes about digital art's emergence into the art world