Thursday, December 30, 2010

Beach 11

Click image to enlarge.  Click title for more information.
Size: 27x40
Medium: acrylics on paper
Date:  12/27/10

Happy New Year!  

This is my new favorite of the Beach series.  It reminds me a bit of the 1960's tourism and advertising art of Herbert Leupin.  I have noticed that most people have strong opinions about the styles of art in which I work.  Either they like the abstracts only or folk art only or digital only.   A few like two out of three and a fewer still like all three styles.  If you are among those who don't like the abstracts,  you are probably very tired of this series that I have been enjoying too much to stop.    However, I am pondering a new digital/painting/collage as one of two entries into the next SDAI show, which will be an international exhibition.  Maybe you will like that one better.  Laurel, thank you for your contribution to my plan.  It really inspired me to get started on it.  I love brainstorming.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Beach 6-SOLD

Click image to enlarge.  Click title for more information.
Size: 53x24
Medium: Acrylic on vellum paper
Dated:  11/16/2010

I hope I am not confusing you because I am posting backward a bit here; last week I posted Beach 9 and this week Beach 6.

One of the fun aspects of these abstracts is that they are non-directional. I.E., there is no right-side-up, no up-side-down,  no sideways. Vertically they can work nicely at one end of a hall or corridor or in those often empty walls of a stairway or entry. Or horizontally over a sofa or as shown here, over a fireplace.

This week I created a Twitter account!, just barely.    I still need time to become familiar with it.  Right now it is so foreign that when I am on it I feel lost and I don't quite know what to do with it.  Sometime soon I will add a Twitter button to my blog and you can try Twitter  if you haven't already.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Beach 9-SOLD

Click image to enlarge. Click title for more information.
Title: Beach 9
Size: 30"x 40"
Medium: Acrylic on acid-free paper,
Date: 12/8/2010

Can this really be my 200th blog post?!

At 30x40,  this is the largest of the Beach series thus far.  I am considering it for the Semi-Annual SDAI International Exhibition, April 16th-May 29, 2011.  It would be fun to make an even larger one but even this size was too large to work on in my studio.  Instead it has occupied the greater portion of my dining room and my entire dining room table for some time.  I'm having great fun with these paintings, whatever the size.  How do you think this would look in a contemporary beach house or modern loft?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Beach 8_SOLD

Click image to enlarge.  Click title for more information.

Acrylic on paper, framed.
image area: 16"w x 19 h
with frame: 24"w x 28"h x 2"d at max. no glass. 

dated: 11/20/2010

Abstract painting of ocean, sun and sand on a bright, wintry, California beach day. Number 8 in the Beach series.  Lest you think I can't count, there is a Beach #6 and #7 and they will be posted once I am certain they are finished!

Normally I would not frame an acrylic-on-paper painting without glass.  But it has some advantages.  It affords a freshness and direct connection to the paint.  And it is lighter and safer to ship.  However, glass may be added if desired.  

Vintage frame is Mexican carved wood with a yellow/gold finish and linen mat. 

This one and A Day In The Park will be my entries into the next SDAI Regional show, which opens December 10th.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Three Trees Promenade-SOLD

Click image to enlarge.  Click title for more information.

Title: Three Trees Promenade
Size: 12" x 12" x 1.5"
Medium: Oils on canvas
Date: 11/6/2010 

Wishing all of you a very happy Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Day in the Park SOLD

Click image to enlarge.  Click title for more information.
Size: 12" x 12" x .75"
Medium: Oils on canvas
Date: 10/29/2010 

Today I completed the entry for one final show with a notification date in mid to late December.  That brings the total to 4 new exhibition applications this month.   I think that will be all for now.   BTW the winner for last month's Arizona Street View contest was announced.   Click here to see the painting by Laeli Bowden.  I meant to paint one for the current contest, whose subject is Hawaii but somehow it got away from me.  Perhaps I will make the next one.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Beach 5

Click image to enlarge.   Click title for more information.
Size:  17 H x 7 Diameter
Medium:  Acrylic on Paper over glass.
Dated: 2/17/2010

This is #5 in the continuation of abstract beach paintings begun in 1988.  Another sunny day at the beach in San Diego, California. Ocean sparkles, sand and sun.

Recently I found myself wondering why a painting should be framed and hung on a wall. So I decided to try something else and wrapped this painting around a glass vase as its support. In this way, one might say the glass IS the frame.  

Although it was not meant to be functional art, it could be, functioning as a vase, umbrella stand or?

Beach 5 is one of eight pieces I took to SDAI for the coming semi-annual C-Note Show.  
November 20, 2010, 5-8 PM  
Preview Only: November 19 and 20, 2010 10 am-4pm.  
C-Note runs: November 19 – December 5, 2010.  
Click here for more on the C-Note show.
San Diego Art Institute 

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Beach 4 - SOLD

Click image to enlarge. Click title for more information.

Medium: Acrylic on paper, in vintage, wood frame, no glass.
Image area: 11.5"w x 17.5 h
With frame: 19"w x 25"h x 1.5" d.

Dated: 2/2010

Beach 4 is a continuation of a series of abstract, California beach paintings I did in 1988.  Ocean sparkles, sand and waves on a bright California day. I think not using glass over the image adds a sense of directness and immediacy.   

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Click image to enlarge.  Click title for more information.
Medium: oils on canvas board
Size, image area: 8.5 x 11.5"
Size, in frame: 16.5 x 19.5 x 1"
Signed and dated: 10/23/2010

Thank you for weighing in with your opinions regarding whether or not to keep the two figures in the newer version of Railroad Ave. for the Google Street View Paint-Off  painting challenge.  It was nearly unanimous, with only one against.   My favorite of those posted to the challenge so far this one, (scroll down to the burro).     But I hope you will take a look at all the paintings and see what people have done with these street view images.    Thanks to multi-talented entrepreneur and artist, Kay Zahn for taking on this art project and providing the gift card.

This week's painting, Reflections, is a return, if only briefly, to oils.  Some months ago I found two very nice carved, wood frames at a garage sale.  I finally painted something for the smaller one, which is today's post and which seemed to call for oils.

It's official.  As of today I am now  a "listed" artist, with  Artprice!  Artprice is the French company that provides worldwide art market information.   I still don't fully understand what all this means for me, except that  it is supposed to be a good thing!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Az Highway 60 Railroad Ave-SOLD

Click image to enlarge.
Medium: HP Vivera ink on archival paper.
Size: 8 x 7".
Date: 10/20/2010.

Thank you for all your comments on which version of Az Highway 60 Railroad Ave you preferred.

Version 1 was the winner with twice as many votes.  I took comments from both and incorporated them into today's post, along with two new figures.  What do you think, should the figures stay or go?  Next Thursday I will post the final piece before sending it off to the contest, so please comment freely.

I know I said I was not doing anymore product design.   It's so much work and very rarely leads to a lucrative outcome.   Sourcing manufacturers and bringing a new product to market are more than a little difficult, not to mention expensive.   Designing and making samples is the fun part. (That's what I got to do in my prototyping business, when the companies with whom I contracted did all the not-fun parts.)  

BUT a few weeks ago I gave a gift of a small, handmade, animal ornament to a La Jolla retailer with whom I had other business, and she would like them for her store.   After considering it for a week I began work on a dozen samples and finally delivered them today.   And now here I am once again trying to source a manufacturer just in case they do well.  Oh dear.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Az Highway 60 Railroad Ave

Since last week, I entered the Google Street View painting challenge posted and hosted by Street View Paint Off.  The street view picture was this:

This is what I have so far.  I am posting these in hopes you will comment as to which, if any, you prefer.  Deadline is October 31st.

Click image to enlarge.
Medium: HP Vivera ink on archival paper.
Size: 8 x 7".
Date: 10/14/2010.

Version 1.

Version 2.
If you can, please comment within the blog by clicking on the "Post A Comment" link at the end of today's post.  I welcome your suggestions and critiques. This "challenge" has been particularly "challenging".  Finding something to bring out from within this picture of a parched, dry landscape and arranging it into a satisfactory composition has been harder than I thought.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

White Flowers #1/1 Original

Click image to enlarge.  Click title for more information.
Medium: HP Vivera ink on archival paper.
Size: 8"x8"
Date: 10.7.2010
#1 of 1 original. Signed in pencil. 

I decided to take the Street View Paint Off challenge. An email came through about it from The Art List. The challenge is to paint a Google Street View image of Arizona by the end of October.  The winner receives a $250 Visa gift card.  

Today I found a printer who can make large format Giclee prints.  It's called Warp 9 Imaging, located on Ray Street in the art district of the North Park neighborhood of San Diego.  My experiment will be to have a high-gloss Giclee of Royal Food Mart laminated to Gator Board.  I hope this creates a similar look to the far more complicated resin coating process I have been investigating.   If it looks good, this is what I will submit to the William D. Cannon Art Gallery's 2011 Juried Biennial show.  Cash prizes will be awarded here too.  The jurors will be Peter Frank, Senior Curator at Riverside Art Museum and Larry Baza, of Noel-Baza Fine Art in the Little Italy neighborhood of downtown San Diego. The show runs January 29, 2011 through March 18, 2011.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

All Artists Group Show at SDAI

I knew I would forget something I had planned to include in today's post.  It's the information about the next show.  If you are just tuning in, please scroll down to view today's earlier post, Rumba.

SDAI: Museum of the Living Artist Group Show

Friday, Oct 1 7:00p
Price: $3
Phone: (619) 236-0011
1439 El Prado, San Diego, CA 92101 
The San Diego Art Institute’s “Museum of the Living Artist” is celebrating the artistic diversity of our community with the 1st “All Artists’ Group Show.” One entry per artist will be on display in the gallery between Oct. 1 through Nov. 14, 2010. The museum will hold a reception for the artist on Oct. 8th, 2010 from 6 to 8 pm. Admission is $3. Any questions? Contact Kerstin Robers at 619-236-0011.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rumba. #1/10 Ltd. Ed.

Click image to enlarge. Click title for more information.
Size: About 5 1/8" x 10.5"  up to about 20 x 40".
Dated: 9/28/2010
Medium: Pencil drawing, Digital Painting.
Limited Edition: #1/10 


Of all the ballroom dances, Rumba is still my favorite.  With its elegant lines and movements coupled with the romantic tempo of the music, it never fails to capture my attention when I see it.  

Well, let's see whether I can remember all the information I so carefully compiled throughout the week to share on today's blog, and then accidentally deleted...uggh...
1)  For artists, The Art List  is a resource for shows and opportunities for artists and photographers to earn monetary awards.
2)  Saatchi Online is a huge art site where artists can create a profile, upload art and gain more exposure to collectors. 
3)  Same thing.

Thsee sites are free to use at the basic level.  So if your name and art are not appearing in the top page of Google search results, you might consider them or other good art sites to help gain that exposure. 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Royal Food Mart #1

Click image to enlarge.  Click title for more information.
Size: 6x9 up to about 18 x 27
Medium: Digital Painting
Dated: 9/23/2010

The research, marketing, showing and online listings-side of art mean time away from actual painting.  But it seems to be necessary if one hopes to earn an income from art.  This week though, I finally got in some good painting time and spent it all on today's post, Royal Food Mart, a mid-century modern bit of architecture in Banker's Hill that caught my fancy.  

Tuesday I sent off my paperwork to the mega art resource and artist-listing company,, in Saint-Romain au Mont d'Or, France.   Becoming listed can increase an artist's marketability.  In fact, many galleries and collectors work exclusively with listed artists.  Of course, submitting materials is no guarantee of becoming listed, but it is a step in the right direction.    If you are an artist, this link to Help 2 Succeed may interest you.  It contains information on how to become a listed artist and on how to complete the paperwork for

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bigger Digital Splash, #1 of 12 Ltd Ed-SOLD

2Click image to enlarge.
Size:  30 x 30
Medium:  Digital Art, Giclee on Archival Paper
Dated: 9/7/2010

Not to sound redundant, but you know how much I like the work of David Hockney.  One of my favorite pieces of his is A Bigger Splash, painted in 1967.   While waiting for inspiration to come for my next painting, I pulled out a book of Hockney's paintings and marveled again at Bigger Splash and its brilliant simplicity.  A few minutes later I found my hands busily creating a digital painting of it.  It began as a practice exercise to keep nimble while awaiting inspiration but soon I was delightedly involved and feeling as though I were swimming along through his painting on that bright California day.

A Bigger Splash, David Hockney 1967

Some art notes of interest:  Art San Diego, sponsored by UBS, was held last weekend.  It was a wonderful experience that brought high-quality contemporary art galleries from across the U.S. and abroad to the Hilton Bayfront for 3 days.  I highly recommend planning any trips to San Diego around this annual  Art San Diego Fair.   The event was part of September's  Arts Month San Diego .

Friday, September 3, 2010

La Jolla on Prospect St. Black & White

Click image to enlarge.
Medium: Digital Art.  Inkjet on Archival Paper
Size:  8" h x 10" w
Dated:  8/9/2010

This morning I received notice that one of the four pieces I submitted to La Jolla Art Association's new Black & White show was accepted. I had submitted La Jolla on Prospect St., Digital David Hockney, Telephone and Typewriter. La Jolla on Prospect St. was selected.  These are all pieces I had posted earlier in full color.   The idea of seeing how they would look in black and white was intriguing and I was not a little surprised at how much I liked them.  Please do click on the image to get the best view.

As a part of its 92nd anniversary celebration, The La Jolla Art Association is presenting the 1st Annual Black & White Juried Art Exhibition. Renowned sculptress Manuelita Brown is the juror. The exhibition runs from September 15 through October 10, 2010. Reception: September 24, 6-9PM.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Piano, #1/10 Ltd. Ed.

Click image to enlarge.
Title: Piano
Size:  32w x 18h up to 56 x 33".
Medium: Giclee
Dated:  8/23/2010
Limited Edition #1/10

Today's piece was drawn and painted as a large file;  32" x 18" at 300 dpi.  This was so that if I wanted to send the file to a professional printer to produce in this large format,   the image would retain its crispness.  The trouble is that on my older computer, this makes the work go VERY slowly.   The computer needs to slowly digest each stroke I make before I can create the next one.  And there are quite a few strokes in this picture!

Here's s some happy news; my two entries for the next SDAI Regional show (Typewriter and Three Golden Apples) were juried into the show!     

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Typewriter #5 of 10 with Background Color

Click image to enlarge. Click title for more information.

Title: Typewriter. #2/10
Size: 8x10
Medium: Hand-drawn digital art. Inkjet, with PH neutral HP Vivera Ink to last. Treated with UV protection and printed on archival paper.
Dated: 8/16/2010

A few times ago I posted Retro Typewriter.   It did not yet have a background color. Here it is with the color I chose. After searching and trying other options I ended up framing it in a clear, box frame as with Digital David Hockney. The sides are poppy red. It is my entry for the next SDAI Regional show along with Three Golden Apples for the small exhibition piece.  I will know on Tuesday whether either was chosen.   Finally I have the inspiration and time for the next piece, which I began yesterday. It is a piano.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Update: Awards and Poster Pictures

In answer to your questions about what the SDAI awards look like and the poster for the last show (which included Digital David Hockney), here are pictures of them. Click to enlarge.

The next regional show features Guest Juror Ed Fosmire: Executive Director, Oceanside Museum of Art. You can see the museum has an interesting architectural history, which includes noted architect Irving Gill. Click here to see some examples from their current and past shows.

Oh, and I submitted four pieces to the juried Black & White show at a gallery I just discovered in La Jolla called La Jolla Art Association. I won't know until Sept. 3rd. whether anything was accepted.

The next SDAI Show runs from August 27, 2010 to September 26, 2010. Artist Reception: Friday, September 3, 2010 from 6 to 8 pm. SDAI members free, non members $3.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pancakes, #1/10 Ltd. Ed.

Click image to enlarge.
Title: Pancakes
Size: 5 5/8 x 7 5/8
Medium: Digital, Inkjet on archival paper
Dated: 8/4/2010

In the past few months my family has met for breakfast several times at Harry's Coffee Shop in La Jolla. It's been there for at least 50 years and is still very popular. I had not had pancakes in ages and they were so good that I have continued to order them each time we meet there. As you can see, I am still thinking about them.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Swimmer. #4/10

Click image to enlarge.  Click Title for more information.
Size: 9.5 x 6.5
Medium:  Inkjet Giclee on archival paper.
Dated: 7/22/2010

All I wanted to do last night was print my little folk art swimmer for the buyer, allow it the 24 hours required drying-time before spraying it with a protective UV coating in time for a Saturday morning shipment. I had purchased and installed 2 new HP Vivera ink cartridges, which gives Giclee prints a very long life.

Hours of troubleshooting last night plus 10 pages of archival paper, setting adjustments and cleanings etc.-later and still I was seeing streaks on the print. More hours of tech support with HP this morning still did not resolve the issue. (At least HP still offers tech support and helped me although I am beyond the tech support time limit with my 5 year old printer!) Finally, I tried replacing the new cartridges with the old ones and voila, problem solved. Another call to HP to arrange the return of the new cartridges and AT LAST I am ready to ship my little print!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Woman with Dog. #1/10 SOLD

Click image to enlarge. Click title for more information.

Original Digital Art.
Size 6.5 x 10.5
Ph neutral inkjet ink on archival paper and treated with UV protection.
1/10 original print.
Dated: 7/8/10

Good news! For the current Regional Show at SDAI I entered San Diego Harbor, posted April 15th and La Jolla Shores in the 1950s, posted April 21st. Tuesday I learned that the former had been juried into the show. Although I do wish they had both been chosen, I am still very happy that even one made it in.

The current SDAI Regional Show, runs from July 23, 2010 to August 22, 2010. Reception July 30, 6-8PM.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Retro Typewriter #1/10-SOLD and Alarm clock

Click image to enlarge.
Retro Digital Typewriter
Size: 9 x 12
Medium: Drawn on Computer. Inkjet on Paper
Date: 7/7/2010

lesson #1. When working on the computer, remember, always save your work, at least every few minutes! If you don't, this can happen: After hours of painstaking efforts had added the details to this picture; the keys, letters, numbers, levers, suddenly the program froze. That's when I realized I had been so involved in my work I had not been saving it as I went along. That left me with two choices: Redo about 6 hours of work (UGGG) or forget the piece. I decided to redo it and complete it. The background is as yet undecided.

Retro Digital Alarm Clock
Click image to enlarge.
Size: 12 x 12
Medium: Drawn on Computer. Inkjet on Paper
Date: 7/8/10

One advantage of purchasing the full Photoshop program, rather than the Elements 4 I use, is that there is a tool called a Pen Tool that enables the drawing of curved lines. Since my program doesn't offer this feature, I either have to string together a series of small, strait lines, angling them slightly to create a curve or try to work with the Elliptical Marquee Tool, which can be tricky when using an angled view. For the clock I used both methods.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Retro Telephone #4/10-SOLD

Click image to enlarge.
Size: 8 x 10
Medium: Drawn on Computer. Inkjet on Paper
date: 7/1/10

Here is one more for today.

The Polygonal tool I used for most of the telephone is meant for straight and angled lines. I thought it would be interesting to take advantage of this characteristic to make a abstract telephone.

Primal Dance et. al.

Click image to enlarge.
Medium: Drawn on Computer. Inkjet on Paper
Size: 12x12

On April 19 I began working on this Primal, multi-view piece, just finishing today. The digital medium continues to attract me, as does minimal art.

Primal Dance.

Primal Landscape

Primal Grand Canyon

Primal Earth

Thursday, June 24, 2010

La Jolla on Prospect St.

Click image to enlarge. Click Title for more information.
Size: 5" x 7"
Medium: Drawn on Computer. Inkjet on Paper
Dated: 6/23/10

To date, I have made 45 versions of this piece since beginning on May 28. I may still make changes to it but this particular piece will remain as is. That's one of the joys of digital art. As with block or silkscreen printing, one can make changes to future pieces. It never has to be finished.

Another artist wrote me asking what program I use for digital pieces. I use Photoshop Elements 4. The tools I draw with are the lasso and other selection tools and the mouse primarily. The paint bucket is used to fill in the colors. He told me Autocad tools are easier to use and control. But that is an expensive program and I continue to like the lack of control.

Friday, June 18, 2010


So, the bad news is that only 2 of the 8 pieces I had in the Summer C-Note show were sold. (remember when I used to sell 7 of 8?) Also when the gallery- volunteer called Tuesday, he said only Four Views had been selected for the current regional show. I had such high hopes for Digital David Hockney and was very disappointed. I had planned to post this update to the Blog on Thursday. But I just had a feeling I should wait until Friday when I would be in the gallery, just in case. And...

Now for the good news. Today I walked over to Balboa Park, where the gallery is, with my little hand cart to pick up the paintings from the last show. As long as I was there, I toured the new show, located Four Views on the wall, continued on, turned toward the North wall and there he was! Digital David Hockney was hanging on the wall smiling at me. Not only that, but he had won Juror's Choice Award, AND will be featured on the SDAI poster for this show! How very exciting! The show's reception is Friday ,June 25 from 6-8PM at the SDAI gallery in Balboa Park.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Three Golden Apples. Post-Digital Painting

Size: 5x5x1
Medium: Oils over ink on canvas

On May 20, 2009, I posted Digital Still Life Apples, which as the title proclaims, was an entirely digital painting. I thought it would be fun to revisit the piece by painting it in oils on canvas, see below...

Digital Still Life Apples, below, was an interpretation of ...

Carol Marine's painting, Three Golden Apples.

To see how my framing project for Digital David Hockney turned out, please scroll down one more post.

Digital David Hockney Portrait framed

Last week I posted the Digital David Hockney Portrait. This week I wanted to post the framing solution I found for it. It didn't look right in a typical frame with mat. I thought it needed a more modern style. In the end, I framed it in a clear, acrylic box that I modified so that it would meet SDAI entry-requirements. Jury is this Sunday. I hope it is accepted! Update: 6/18/2001 - It was juried into the show and received Juror's Choice Award! See 6/18 post for more details.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Digital David Hockney Portrait

Winner SDAI Juror's Choice Award June 2010.

Click image to enlarge.
Medium: Digital Painting on Paper
Size: 8x10

David Hockney is one of my favorite artists and one of the most notable artists living today. It's kind of fitting he should find his way into a digital portrait since he likes digital art and uses the medium himself these days. You may remember a few other digital paintings appearing on my blog over the past couple of years. Digital Apples, Digital Cupcakes, Piano and Musician, Pomegranates.

Digital painting for me does not involve sophisticated tools. I use the wired mouse on a mouse pad. The challenge of painting with a virtual brush and the clumsiness and lack of control only add to the fun and contribute to the interesting results. Digital David Hockney may undergo more changes. I actually began this in September 2009 and picked it up again about a month ago!

I am also working on an oil painting version of this one.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

La Jolla Shores in the 1950's - SOLD

Click image to enlarge.
Title: La Jolla Shores in the 1950's
Dated: 4/19/2010
Size: 8 x 6
Medium: Oil on Canvas Board.

For some time I had been thinking of how to paint the La Jolla Shores neighborhood in which I was raised in the 1950s. Several sketched attempts turned out too literally. What I wanted was not a literal representation but the feeling of life for us in that special time and place. It wasn't until I focused on the colors of the memories that the painting emerged.

Every artist has his or her own approach to painting. Kate in Ketchum, Idaho commented: " can continually come up with art that is so different from what you've done before." Well, this is something I have had to accept somewhat against my will. What is more natural for me is to try to do something similar to previous painting I liked. But for me this usually doesn't work out. So I am realizing more and more lately I need to allow each painting to have its own particular direction or the work falls flat and feels burdensome to do.

And speaking of comments, I really appreciate yours. They are not only helpful but some of you have wonderful insights and critiques. I think Barb should write a book!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

San Diego Harbor - SOLD

Click image to enlarge. Click title for more information.
Title: San Diego Harbor
Medium: Oils on Canvas Board
Size: 8 x 6 x .25
Date: 4/12/2010

When I painted this I was not looking to the harbor or photos of it. Rather, images and feelings of it were floating through my memory inspiring the colors and strokes. So you might say it's an "interior view" of San Diego Harbor. This is one of my new favorite pieces.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Little City

Click image to enlarge.

Title: Little City
Size: 6 x 8 x 1.5
Medium: Oils on Canvas
Date: 3/23/10

Four Views is still not dry. So I did not get to enter in it into the big Regional Show at SDAI as hoped. These things happen. Sometimes a particular pigment doesn't want to dry on schedule.

This next little one has been drying on a narrow little wall of my studio in front of where I work. I have enjoyed looking at it there.

In keeping with the earthquakes we have been having in San Diego lately: What did one earthquake say to the other? "It's all your fault!"

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Four Views. SOLD

Click image to enlarge.
Title: Four Views
Size: 8 x 10
Medium: Oils on Acrylic

This painting is titled "Four Views" because it is multi-directional so that whichever of four ways it hangs, it presents a different scene. Look at the box of images below the first image and let me know what you see. If it is dry in time this will be my entry into the next SDAI Regional Show. I will have to decide which way it should hang for the show though, if selected. Hmmm.

The four views

This painting was selected by jury for the San Diego Art Institute's Regional Show through 7/18/2010

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Udpate on New Friend

Some good news about New Friend, or New Friends (haven't decided on the title) posted January 17. Tuesday I learned it was selected for the next San Diego Art Institute's Regional show and today I learned it was given the Juror's Choice Award. I'm not really sure what this means yet, other than it's a good thing. Click on "Update" to view the painting online.

The reception is Friday, March 5th at 6PM at the Institute.


I have received some insightful views on the title of the painting since the blog was published:

Sharon wrote: "I like "New Friend" because it brings you inside the painting; who is the new friend? from the dog's view, it's the man and vice versa for the man's view. When one says "New Friends", it takes you outside the painting as an observer and (I think) it loses some of its magnetism."

Barb wrote: " "New Friend(s)"...interesting distinction between the singular and the plural because we don't know if the man or the dog found a new friend- but plural would be nice because that way we know they both did."

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Mist SOLD

Click image to enlarge. Click title for more information.
Title: The Mist.
Size: 16 x 20 x 1/4
Medium: Medium: Acrylic on canvas board.
Date: 1/24/2010

I am a bit tardy in posting this piece. And I have not had any time for painting since. Actually I started it well before New Friend but it sat waiting for me for weeks. I consider New Friend to be the more recent painting. I hope to get back to painting soon!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Still too busy with other matters to have a painting to post today but I do have an update. Pumpkin Patch Waltz, posted 12/23, was selected for the next SDAI Regional Show. Pop Art Woman Portrait was submitted as my primary entry. I entered Pumpkin Patch Waltz as an afterthought because it was small enough for the One Foot category of the show. To my surprise it was the latter that was chosen. Perhaps after having tried three times, I should finally give up entering Pop Art Woman, which is still one of my favorites.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Friend

Winner SDAI Juror's Choice Award February 2010.

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Title: New Friend.
Subject: Man and Dog.
Size: 10 x 10 x 1.5"
Medium: Acrylic on stretched canvas.
Date: 1/15/2010

Posting a bit late this week and I know some of you will not see it until you return to work on Tuesday. Since I have so much going on right now, including trying to get my condo rented, I feel fortunate to have any time at all for painting.

Sure would like to find a paint medium that requires only one layer for full coverage. That would save time and alleviate a bit of tedium.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


In the last post, Pumpkin Patch Waltz, I challenged you with a riddle as to why the title had the word "waltz" in it. Congratulations to Barb and Karen, both dancers from different states, for figuring it out:

Throughout the painting is a waltz rhythm created by groups of three. 3 white shapes, 3 trees, 3 shadows, 3 pumpkins, 3 shadows; 3 windows on one side of the house, 3 orange shapes in front of the house, 2 sets of 3 gray-green leaves. 1, 2, 3; 1, 2, 3; 1, 2, 3; 1, 2, 3; the rhythm of the waltz as told by shapes. Barb put it more technically: "So the waltz is in three-quarter time: three beats to a measure and the quarter note gets one beat. Well you've got three pumpkins ( and three trees) and the slice might be a quarter of the pie."