Saturday, February 27, 2010

Udpate on New Friend

Some good news about New Friend, or New Friends (haven't decided on the title) posted January 17. Tuesday I learned it was selected for the next San Diego Art Institute's Regional show and today I learned it was given the Juror's Choice Award. I'm not really sure what this means yet, other than it's a good thing. Click on "Update" to view the painting online.

The reception is Friday, March 5th at 6PM at the Institute.


I have received some insightful views on the title of the painting since the blog was published:

Sharon wrote: "I like "New Friend" because it brings you inside the painting; who is the new friend? from the dog's view, it's the man and vice versa for the man's view. When one says "New Friends", it takes you outside the painting as an observer and (I think) it loses some of its magnetism."

Barb wrote: " "New Friend(s)"...interesting distinction between the singular and the plural because we don't know if the man or the dog found a new friend- but plural would be nice because that way we know they both did."