Wednesday, April 21, 2010

La Jolla Shores in the 1950's - SOLD

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Title: La Jolla Shores in the 1950's
Dated: 4/19/2010
Size: 8 x 6
Medium: Oil on Canvas Board.

For some time I had been thinking of how to paint the La Jolla Shores neighborhood in which I was raised in the 1950s. Several sketched attempts turned out too literally. What I wanted was not a literal representation but the feeling of life for us in that special time and place. It wasn't until I focused on the colors of the memories that the painting emerged.

Every artist has his or her own approach to painting. Kate in Ketchum, Idaho commented: " can continually come up with art that is so different from what you've done before." Well, this is something I have had to accept somewhat against my will. What is more natural for me is to try to do something similar to previous painting I liked. But for me this usually doesn't work out. So I am realizing more and more lately I need to allow each painting to have its own particular direction or the work falls flat and feels burdensome to do.

And speaking of comments, I really appreciate yours. They are not only helpful but some of you have wonderful insights and critiques. I think Barb should write a book!