Friday, May 28, 2010

Digital David Hockney Portrait

Winner SDAI Juror's Choice Award June 2010.

Click image to enlarge.
Medium: Digital Painting on Paper
Size: 8x10

David Hockney is one of my favorite artists and one of the most notable artists living today. It's kind of fitting he should find his way into a digital portrait since he likes digital art and uses the medium himself these days. You may remember a few other digital paintings appearing on my blog over the past couple of years. Digital Apples, Digital Cupcakes, Piano and Musician, Pomegranates.

Digital painting for me does not involve sophisticated tools. I use the wired mouse on a mouse pad. The challenge of painting with a virtual brush and the clumsiness and lack of control only add to the fun and contribute to the interesting results. Digital David Hockney may undergo more changes. I actually began this in September 2009 and picked it up again about a month ago!

I am also working on an oil painting version of this one.