Friday, June 18, 2010


So, the bad news is that only 2 of the 8 pieces I had in the Summer C-Note show were sold. (remember when I used to sell 7 of 8?) Also when the gallery- volunteer called Tuesday, he said only Four Views had been selected for the current regional show. I had such high hopes for Digital David Hockney and was very disappointed. I had planned to post this update to the Blog on Thursday. But I just had a feeling I should wait until Friday when I would be in the gallery, just in case. And...

Now for the good news. Today I walked over to Balboa Park, where the gallery is, with my little hand cart to pick up the paintings from the last show. As long as I was there, I toured the new show, located Four Views on the wall, continued on, turned toward the North wall and there he was! Digital David Hockney was hanging on the wall smiling at me. Not only that, but he had won Juror's Choice Award, AND will be featured on the SDAI poster for this show! How very exciting! The show's reception is Friday ,June 25 from 6-8PM at the SDAI gallery in Balboa Park.