Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Piano, #1/10 Ltd. Ed.

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Title: Piano
Size:  32w x 18h up to 56 x 33".
Medium: Giclee
Dated:  8/23/2010
Limited Edition #1/10

Today's piece was drawn and painted as a large file;  32" x 18" at 300 dpi.  This was so that if I wanted to send the file to a professional printer to produce in this large format,   the image would retain its crispness.  The trouble is that on my older computer, this makes the work go VERY slowly.   The computer needs to slowly digest each stroke I make before I can create the next one.  And there are quite a few strokes in this picture!

Here's s some happy news; my two entries for the next SDAI Regional show (Typewriter and Three Golden Apples) were juried into the show!