Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Beach 6-SOLD

Click image to enlarge.  Click title for more information.
Size: 53x24
Medium: Acrylic on vellum paper
Dated:  11/16/2010

I hope I am not confusing you because I am posting backward a bit here; last week I posted Beach 9 and this week Beach 6.

One of the fun aspects of these abstracts is that they are non-directional. I.E., there is no right-side-up, no up-side-down,  no sideways. Vertically they can work nicely at one end of a hall or corridor or in those often empty walls of a stairway or entry. Or horizontally over a sofa or as shown here, over a fireplace.

This week I created a Twitter account!, just barely.    I still need time to become familiar with it.  Right now it is so foreign that when I am on it I feel lost and I don't quite know what to do with it.  Sometime soon I will add a Twitter button to my blog and you can try Twitter  if you haven't already.