Thursday, December 30, 2010

Beach 11

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Size: 27x40
Medium: acrylics on paper
Date:  12/27/10

Happy New Year!  

This is my new favorite of the Beach series.  It reminds me a bit of the 1960's tourism and advertising art of Herbert Leupin.  I have noticed that most people have strong opinions about the styles of art in which I work.  Either they like the abstracts only or folk art only or digital only.   A few like two out of three and a fewer still like all three styles.  If you are among those who don't like the abstracts,  you are probably very tired of this series that I have been enjoying too much to stop.    However, I am pondering a new digital/painting/collage as one of two entries into the next SDAI show, which will be an international exhibition.  Maybe you will like that one better.  Laurel, thank you for your contribution to my plan.  It really inspired me to get started on it.  I love brainstorming.