Thursday, January 6, 2011

Beach 12-SOLD

Click image to enlarge.  Click title for more views of the painting and information.

Title: Beach 12 (Number 12 in the series)
Size: 27x40"
Medium: Acrylic on acid-free vellum paper.
Date: 1/2/2011

Although I have been working on the digital Mid-century modern piece I mentioned in last week's post, it is still a long way from finished and ready to post, or to enter into the SDAI International show.  Besides, I can barely pry myself away from painting these Beach scenes.  Linda, I hold you at least partially responsible, for liking the first two from way back in the 80's so much and encouraging me to do more and to paint in general! 

Ron, who faithfully and gently tells me he doesn't like/understand abstracts, liked Beach 11!  He said he couldn't tell me why, that it was completely emotional.   YES!   BTW, Ron's niece, Ashley Bell, is a budding star.  Here she is at last night's People's Choice Awards.

The retro Typewriter limited edition of 10 is generating a bit of interest on eBay.  I list each print at $9.99 and each goes with multiple bids and slightly higher than the previous edition listed.  I'm up to #3 in the edition.  This little print is earning its keep.  

Got to run, Beach 13 is calling.