Thursday, February 3, 2011

Beach 18, SOLD

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Title: Beach 18. (This is number 18 in the series)
Size: 30x40 or 40x30, x 1.5" deep, multi-directional. 
Date: 1/29/2011 

Medium: Acrylic on stretched canvas

In last week's post I mentioned starting this painting and that I preferred it hanging horizontally.  And here it is hanging vertically anyway!   Not sure which I prefer really.  But today I like it this way. 

eBay has offered another free auction-listings-opportunity.  Sellers pay only if their auction results in a sale.  I have taken them up on the offer again, as I did before Christmas.  And I learned something from the free experience.  Listing at least 10 paintings at one time increases the audience for each listing, resulting in more sales.  On the other side, 10 or more auctions ending on the same day means (if successful) lots of orders to process and shipping to prepare and schedule in one day.   Most of my listings are created and ended on weekends because it seems to be the best time for buyers.  Makes for a busy weekend!