Thursday, February 10, 2011

Beach 20. SOLD

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Title: Beach 20. (This is number 20 in the series)
Size: 30x40 or 40x30, x 1.5" deep, multi-directional. 

Medium: Acrylic on stretched canvas 

I took a brief detour around Beach 19, which is still in the sketching phase, to paint this.  That's because I received a request through the Yessy gallery to paint a commission of something similar to Beach 8.  After explaining that I avoid abstract commissions because, in my experience, it is impossible for a customer to convey a vague, abstract notion of an abstract idea and equally difficult for the painter to understand and paint it.  Since I was about to start another 30 x 40 canvas anyway I said I wouldn't mind playing with the colors she wanted within the concept of Beach 8.  So I guess it is a commission after all...or a semi-commission.