Thursday, February 24, 2011

Beach 21, Acrylic

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Size: 28"x20", with 1" border, multi-directional. 
Title: Beach 21 Acrylic
Dated: 2/23/2011

When I first painted the digital Beach 21, (posted last week) it was intended to be the study for this painting, Beach 21 Acrylic.   But I really thought the study could stand on its own as a painting and so posted it and created a listing for it.   After all, it takes as long or longer for me to paint a digital painting, even a study, as an acrylic one and involves the same creative process.  Furthermore it is a medium I like more and more anyway.   And that's how we ended up with two versions of Beach 21. 

Between the two versions I prefer the digital Beach 21 and am now inspired to continue the Beach series with more digital pieces.  What is your oppinion?