Thursday, March 17, 2011

MId-Century Modern Mosaic

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Size: 30x24
Medium: Giclee
Date:  3/16/2011

What do you know, it's not a Beach series painting.   Probably just a temporary detour.  

Last night I attended a lecture by Alexander Salazar, owner of 3 successful San Diego art galleries.  It was held in the San Diego Art Institute gallery space.  The lecture was about using social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin to brand and promote one's art.   I am on Twitter, used to be on Linkedin and have been resisting Facebook.   After his talk I feel I need to re-think.

Alexander claims it has been particularly important to his success as an art dealer and gallery owner, an increasingly rare event it seems.   Other points were that artists should have their own websites and that prices should not be displayed and that there is no reason to produce limited edition prints.  Open editions are fine, people will buy what they like anyway.  This was a lot to digest.  He covered many other important topics.  Too many to include here.  You can find him at