Thursday, April 21, 2011

Artist Howard Hodgkin

Still no painting to post.  It looks promising for next week though.  Meanwhile, I thought you might like to see a couple links to an artist called Howard Hodgkin.  The San Diego Museum of Art has his first ever show on the West Coast. Tuesday I rode my bike over to the Balboa Park museum to see it.   And it was a real treat. 

His work is at once sophisticated and childlike.   Hodgkin seems to use few brush strokes, in simple compositions and yet communicates a high-impact result.  This type of art always intrigues me.  These paintings are on wood panels, mostly very large.  Many are framed in wide, rustic wood frames, onto which the paintings often spill.   He was interviewed at the museum too.  Below is a painting from the Howard Hodgkin website:
2004 - 2008
11 ⅜ x 13 ⅜", 28.9
Oil on wood