Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Day in the Park 2-SOLD

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Size: 24x30x1.5
Medium: Oils over Acrylics
Dated:  4/22/2011

The second of the 2 canvases I bought at the Aaron Brothers sale.  My right arm/shoulder has enjoyed about a one week break and I am hoping it's about ready to go to work on a new piece for next week.

A friend invited me to a paste paper class Tuesday.  We mixed acrylic paint into a mixture of wheat and rice flour, gelatin and Joy detergent and then brushed it onto paper.  It was interesting and we worked in a spontaneous fashion, in which one doesn't plan nor wait for inspiration to come.  On the wall was a sign attributed to Henri Matisse that read  "Don't wait for inspiration; it comes while working."