Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Harbor 4

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Size: 24"x36"x1.5"
Title: Harbor 4
Dated: 1/30/2012 

Price: $1500

Our San Diego Harbor continues to inspire me to paint it.  It's not that I have been visiting it more often.  But the memory of its evening shimmer as it reflects the lights from boats and bay-side establishments persists in floating to the surface of my imagination. 

Speaking of imagination, the little bird series has a front row seat there as more and more scenarios for them are finding their way to my sketch pad.  I hope you are ready to see more because many more are planned!  Feel free to send me ideas you think would be suitable.  Next will be The Tobogganers. (Thank you Deb) Planned: Tennis; Poolside; Beach; Drivers; Golfers; Hikers; Congregation; Line Dancers; Gardeners.