Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Tobogganers

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Title: The Tobogganers
Size: 8x8x1.5
Medium: Acrylic on wood
Date 2/11/2012 

Price: $200

Can you tell what's going on here?  There's a clue in the sign at the side of the slope.  

A friend suggested I submit these little bird paintings to a childrens' book publisher.  Has anyone had any experience with this recently?  Or I suppose I could write and illustrate my own childrens' book using the publishing-on-demand model.  

I sketched out a rough draft of one story taken from my own childhood.  I had insisted my mother take me to the top of the hill behind our house, where the full moon was rising and looked so big and close, because I was certain I would be able to touch it.  Of course, the closer we came to the top of the hill, the further away and smaller the moon was.  I wasn't sure we just didn't get there fast enough!