Saturday, May 19, 2012

Summer C-Note Event

This evening was the opening of the Summer C-Note event at SDAI.  I had two abstracts and three birdie paintings in the show.  To my delight I saw that Urban Edge 6 had already been purchased before I arrived about 15 minutes into the event, and Light Falls from Heaven was at the cashier table awaiting checkout. 

Throwing shyness aside is worth it to meet someone who has bought my work.  So once he was through the process, I approached and thanked him.  He said he and his friend, who had her own selections in hand, had driven all the way down from L.A. early this morning to preview the show.  Then they stood in line for hours in order to be among the first in the door to secure the paintings they wanted.  (That's part of the fun of the C-Note shows.)

Alex said he had not come for abstract art and normally it isn't what he chooses.   But he said when he saw it, he fell in love with it on the spot and knew he had to have it.  It made him feel something he was not expecting.   His story made the evening for me.

My new job is going great too!