Monday, July 2, 2012

Home as Art

As long as my creative attention is on home decor, rather than on painting for the moment, I may as well write about it and share my explorations with you.

Originally I saw this apartment on HGTV's Small Space Big Style, and it has remained a fond memory.  Today when I found myself thinking about it I decided to see whether I could find it online.  Even though I did not remember Ron Marvin's name, I found the apartment and him at the Apartment Therapy Small Cool contest of 2007.

Small spaces continue to charm me and I am always excited to see what people can do with them.  Lots of other people must feel the same way or Apartment Therapy would not have such a following for their annual small space contest.  Oh, did I mention this apartment is 300 sq ft?

Now I am certain to remember his name and I want to see everything he does.  Apartment Therapy recently wrote about Ron Marvin: "If "haberdashing" isn't a word, it should be. And Ron Marvin would own it. He's made a mark in the design world with menswear-inspired interiors that come together like a polished GQ how-to: Start with the well-tailored groundwork (charcoal suit, sofa or wall paint), add a splash of color (tie or pocket square or lamp), give it a little bling (cufflink or nailhead trim) and make sure the details are right, polished and impeccable. It's signature Ron Marvin, and dandy never seemed so fine. Even on a bit of a budget."

You can visit Apartment Therapy here.