Thursday, July 12, 2012

Making the Best of a Space

This is a photo I found of a tiny bathroom from one of the tiny apartments (I think from Apartment Therapy).  I thought it offered quite a bit of style in a very simple and very small way.   

And here's an interesting idea from Apartment Therapy about using color:

" Make up for a lack of architectural character with saturated colors. A typical dark, low ceilinged, wall-to-wall carpeted basement apartment will look infinitely more chic and cheerful painted something dramatic, like charcoal gray, than it will a pale sunny yellow...which will only add to the gloom because it's out of place. If you have a space with great bones and great light, it will be difficult to go wrong with any color, and light colors will let those details shine. However, when you have the opposite, go dark. It's counter-intuitive, but it lends a blah space a strong presence. You can always lighten the mood with bright accent pieces and good lighting."

In my opinion, the same principle applies to clothing.  On stormy days grays and stormy colors are more appealing whereas on sunny days crisp, bright colors are.

On another subject, do  you remember the graciousness and manners of earlier times?  In honor of those times I am thinking about posting a bit of Emily Post at the end of each blog post.  Let me know if you like this idea.  Here is the first one:
  • "At the conclusion of the toast, everyone except the honoree(s) raises their glasses and drinks."