Thursday, July 19, 2012

Landscaping as Art

As with small living spaces, small garden spaces can also be maximized in both design and impact.  A few years ago there were two programs on HGTV called Urban Outsiders and City Gardener, featuring landscape designer Matt James.  (I really miss those programs, along with Small Space, Big Design for interiors).  I managed to find two photos online of small gardens he created and that I am posting here.

I would say Matt James is an artist who uses plants as his medium and space as his canvas.

I located the source of the tiny bathroom from last week's post.  It was from a 2012 Apartment Therapy Small Cool Contest, International entry.  The 392 sq. ft. apartment is in London.

Etiquette t: Don't retrieve a dropped utensil and put it back on the table.  Instead, tell your server, who will retrieve it and bring a replacement.  The exception is when you drop a utensil that might be stepped on or cause an accident; in this case, act fast and pick it up yourself.   (from Emily Post)