Sunday, September 2, 2012

Mosaic Birdhouse

44Size: 7.5h x 7 w.
Medium: paint, broken ceramic mug and grout on wood
Date: 9/2/12

Keeping with the theme of "home as art" and home-decorating, and the little birdie paintings,  I decorated (painted and mosaic-tiled) a birdhouse.  This is the first artistic venture I have embarked upon since starting my new job May 1st. (The plain birdhouses are available at craft stores.)

Day 1

Day 2
I rather like the look of the jagged tiles glued on, before I applied the grout.  Maybe I will try it that way next time.  Of course I have lots of other ideas for these, but we'll see if I get to them...

Day 4

And again, a bit faded under the flash, but making the tile pieces more visible.