Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Birdhouse Art; The Art of Color; Before and After

Title: Mosaic Birdhouse #3.
Size: 7.5x 7w.
Medium: paint, broken ceramic mug and grout, on wood.
Date: 9/19/12

This birdhouse was a little more challenging, with its low brow and large roof. I'm sure enjoying looking out at them (3 now) from my kitchen, living room and dining room.

Back by popular request, here more decorating tips from Apartment Therapy:

• "Let your art lead you. This is a decorator fail safe. Have you tried it? It feels like cheating. Line up all the art you'd like to hang in your room, pick out a color, and find a paint swatch to match. Bam, done. You'll feel like a pro. The same principal can be applied to rugs and accent textiles. Choosing one of the more subtle accent colors in the rug will bring a fresh dimension to whole space."

But what if you live in a apartment and don't have the option to paint everything you desire? A little imagination will do the trick. Photos courtesy of Apartment Therapy.

Remember, all photos on my blog can be enlarged by clicking on them!

And lastly, this week's etiquette tip:
Hold the door -- whether male or female, hold open a door you have just passed through for the person behind you.