Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tiled Birdhouse #4

Size: 9h x 4d
Medium: paint, broken tile and grout on wood
Date: 9/22/12

I wonder how many more birdhouses I can fit within my balcony airspace...without causing air traffic control problems for the birdies.

On another subject, two of my children, San Diego Harbor and La Jolla Shores in the 1950s were married off on Saturday, Sept 29th,  to a wonderful family with a stunning home in Little Italy, where I am assured they will live happily ever after.  After meeting the family, I'm sure it's true.  I had to be sure, since they were both personal favorites and I had planned to keep the former at home forever.

Due to the fast and furious nature of a C-Note opening at SDAI, meeting a buyer of one of my paintings there is a rare event.  Normally I don't get to see the transaction.  But this IS how I met Candace, and I'm so glad I did, (through Alex; remember Light Falls from Heaven?) in a round about way, and she became the buyer of the two afore mentioned paintings and, it turns out, also acquired Loft 13 last year.    It was a treat to meet this special family.

Etiquette Tip: Turn the cell phone off -- completely -- during a luncheon meeting, social function, or on public transportation.